6 Advantages Of IGI Uninyvin Cables That PVC Cables Do Not Possess

6 Advantages Of IGI Uninyvin Cables That PVC Cables Do Not Possess

You must be seeing the name ‘Uninyvin Cable’ in your server room and data backup system. And you may not know, but this Uninyvin cable is traditionally used for wiring in aircraft too.

Originally manufactured and marketed by Induatrial glass Insulation (IGI) Cables, India, Uninyvin cables gained rapid popularity due to the benefits it provides over a traditional cable. However, to understand its benefits, we must first know how it is designed.

Uninyvin Cable Structure:

  • Unlike the traditional PVC cable which contains single enveloping PVC insulation over the conductor, IGI Uninyvin wires comprise of more three unique insulation layers.
  • First, the copper conductor used is tin platted, which prevents it from oxidizing and makes it solderable.
  • It is sleeved with an HR-PVC insulation coat.
  • Over the insulator, a primary cover of fibreglass yarn braiding is used to increase the cable’s fire-resistance and mechanical strength.
  • This fibreglass braid is covered with a secondary Nylon yarn thread braiding.
  • Finally, the entire structure is completely lacquered with a nylon varnish coat.

These unique extra braidings facilitate the following qualities which outdo the traditional PVC wires in various aspects:

Heat Insulation:

The nylon and fibreglass braidings add a strong layer of insulation over the conductor and improve heat distribution.

The cable does not overheat even after working for days in a stretch, and it also doesn’t allow its heat to dissipate to the external system. Hence, it prevents the entire system from overheating while maintaining a constant voltage.

They have a wide array of applications in several environments with temperature anywhere between -30℃ to 105℃.

Faster Speed And Higher Current Capacity:

Uninyvin cable has a much higher current carrying capacity than the traditional PVC wires.

To give you an example, where a 120 mm2 traditional PVC cable carries 235 Amps of current, a 50mm2 Uninyvin cable can carry 240 Amps.

Uninyvin wires are capable of working smoothly for voltages up to 600/1100 V r.m.s. at frequencies of 1600 c/s.


The major cost-driving component in any cable is the conductor element which is copper in this case.

The primary factor that makes Uninyvin cables much cheaper and cost-effective than PVC cables is that uninyvin cables require less amount of copper to facilitate equal or even better current carrying capacity.

Approximately, the current-carrying capacity obtained with a PVC cable containing 1000g of copper can be easily and efficiently obtained with a 300g copper conductor in a Uninyvin cable.

Chemical Resistant:

The extra braiding and coating are highly resistant to ester-based liquids, acids, chemical and oils, making the wire highly safe and anti-inflammable during a fluid leakage in the system.

These cables are used in battery circuitry where chemical exposure is high.

Lightweight And Easy To Install:

The Uninyvin cables are three times thinner and lighter than PVC cables.

The PVC cables being heavy and less flexible cause problems during installation. They are challenging to install in cramped spaces and places with fluctuating temperatures.

Uninyvin cables are much lighter in weight and highly flexible, and hence, are much easier to carry around and install in all sorts of spaces.

Durable and Errorfree:

Due to the multilayer structure and higher operational speed, Uninyvin cables utilize lesser amounts of copper and last for years.

Also, Uninyvin cable performs optimally even under fluctuating voltage supply without breaking down or causing errors.

Uninyvin cable is also available in multicore structure and heavy-duty structure for various applications. They are widely used as ground cables in the telecommunication industry.

If you’re looking to buy high-quality Uninyvin cables from a cable manufacturer in India, then IGI Cable is the way to go. IGI Cable, being the sole proprietor of the Uninyvin brand, is the most trusted Uninyvin cable manufacturer and supplier in India.